Check the Recall Data Before Before You Buy a Fiat-Chrysler

Before you fall in love with shiny sheet metal and ultra cool dashboard technology, use your favorite wireless device to check out Chrysler-Fiat products for safety and road worthiness. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Office of Defects Investigation issued more than 23 recalls involving millions of Chrysler vehicles.

As a lemon law attorney for The Liblang Law Firm in Birmingham, Dani Liblang wants customers to research the vehicle thoroughly and insist the car dealer or private seller pay to fix the problem before purchase. Otherwise a long legal battle could persist.

NHTSA’s concerns cover fuel systems that can catch fire in rear crashes, defective ignition switches that can disable a vehicle's air bags and defective air bags that can explode, sending shrapnel all over the victim's body. People have died, others seriously injured.

If you're thinking of buying a Fiat-Chrysler product, research the vehicle and insist the dealer or private seller pay to fix the problem before purchase. - Dani Liblang

To be sure, FCA US, the Chrysler-Fiat brand name, has more than doubled the complement of professionals assigned to its vehicle-safety organization. In 2015 it rolled out "Recall Central," an internet portal that consolidates campaign information for dealers to research by vehicle identification number before selling the car or truck.

But the onus is on customers and potential buyers to review recall notices and demand a fix. If you purchase a new vehicle, State of Michigan statutes hold a dealer responsible for fixing a recall before selling. However you could be liable in a private sale and many owners ignore recall notices, even at their own peril.

FCA recalled 490,000 cars and utility vehicles to correct active head restraints that may not function properly and over 1.4 million vehicles over fears of remote hacking of the vehicle. A defective left tie rod assembly could result in loss of vehicle control and other vehicles have ignition switches that could get knocked out of the run position in mid-motion. 

Potential buyers can research the NHTSA website, for open recalls on any vehicle sold in America. They can also check for information. Do what serves you best before you are caught on a lonely road or a busy expressway when your vehicle fails to perform.

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