Tax Season Brings Rise of Refund Scams and Identity Theft Warns Consumer Advocacy Attorney Dani Liblang

As IRS filing deadline looms, taxpayers need to check and recheck their personal information, emails and social security numbers to make sure their refund doesn't fall into the wrong hands, according to consumer advocacy attorney Dani K. Liblang, of the Liblang Law Firm, PC in Birmingham.

Scammers know how to stimulate fear in taxpayers, especially those who may have fallen behind. The scammers threaten lawsuits, jail time and severe fines if the individual doesn't give them their social security number and pay a stiff representation fee. Still more scammers will go phisihng for information using fake IRS logos and text copied from the IRS website. Even the language sounds faintly legal.

How do people know the difference? Liblang said the IRS does not call, nor will it email. It sends official letters, often by registered mail. Don't open attachments that look suspicious. If someone owes an IRS debt, call the IRS directly at (800) 366-4484 and be prepared to wait awhile for a human operator. Use a licensed tax preparer or attorney to manage the tax repayment process.

If people wish to check the status of a refund after filing, visit Take time to shred the paperwork so it cannot get in the wrong hands.

If someone winds up a victim of identity theft or an IRS scam, Liblang's firm specializes in consumer protection. At the first sign of fraud call the firm, because identity theft can seep into financial assets and play havoc on a person's financial future. But it can be stopped, first with awareness, then with positive legal action.

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